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We partner with telecom carriers that are committed to supporting the best possible economic and service outcomes that wireless broadband offers.

Asset Audit and Inventory Service

NxTgen Site Audits-  We physically visit predefined public assets located in the public Right -Of-Way (i.e. Street-poles, traffic signals, manholes, street furniture, etc.); any public asset that is  important to the delivery of wireless or wired communications. 

Up to (34) unique attributes and up to (7) current photos of each asset, depending on its type. No Google Earth. No Guesstimates. Data and photos are current as of the date. collected.

Asset Inverntory Management System (AIMs)

CLOUD-BASED ASSET INVENTORY MANAGEMENT-Asset data is uploaded in near real time to the AIMS platform. A non-proprietary database holds all collected data, including links to photos, to provide detailed information on a per asset basis. Filtering/Sorting capabilities are designed to manage information on all those  infrastructure assets surveyed and suitable suitable for wireless deployments including: street lights, tanks, towers, mono-poles, service vaults, manholes street furniture and traffic control systems.

City infrastructure information is geo-mapped, presented and managed "As-a Service", via subscription access to NxTgen's cloud-based, web-enabled AIMs platform. Ongoing changes/updates to inventory, including additions of new technology, can be reflected in the inventory via scheduled physical and logical updates. Additional fees will apply.

Information regarding existing infrastructure such as conduit, optical fiber, water, sewer and other utilities-based data, can brought into one single view. Other file forms such as sepia, microfiche, paper maps, etc., can all be integrated into a single source for improved planning and reporting.

Ongoing Inventory and Data Management

Change Control/Data Management- Accurate information in an environment experiencing dynamic change is both critical and challenging. Data is oftentimes only as current and useful as of the date captured. NxTgen provides services that work cooperatively with Municipal IT and Operations leadership to capture and log post-deployment changes within AIMS as they occur in the field. No need to wonder when another new device was installed, who's responsible for it or whether it's "live". We'll capture and log it at the point of installation. Additional Fees apply.


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Steve  has over 30 years of technology-based business experience identifying opportunities and creatively solving client-side challenges with services and technology. He has held senior leadership positions in four start-up/emerging tech services companies. He has also led regional and national teams at Lucent, Motorola ISG and NCR in defining, applying and deploying business solutions using technology. His vision for NxTgen reflects a customer-centric approach to service delivery and focused on an exceptional customer experience. Steve holds both his BS and MBA from Providence College.

Warren has held numerous senior leadership positions in both public and private entities. Most recently, he was President & CEO of Pivot Technology Solutions, a Canadian based, publicly traded IT Solutions Provider with over $1.5B in annual revenue. Prior to that, he held Finance or Operations leadership roles in the IT industry as well as the Aerospace sector helping businesses drive growth through M&A, Financial leadership and operational effectiveness. He holds a BS degree from California State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Ed Gentile, Chief Operating Officer

Ed has over 35 years of experience in wireless technologies.  He has held executive management roles at several leading-edge technology companies.  His teams have built and managed thousands of DAS/small cells and many fiber networks throughout the U.S.  As an executive at NextG, now Crown Castle, his team was one of the early pioneers in the deployment of outdoor DAS.  Ed brings an intimate knowledge of the small cell deployment process to help cities with the challenges of upcoming 5G and advanced IOT network deployments in the Public ROW.  Ed holds a BSEE from Clarkson University.

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Maximize the value and utility of limited city and county infrastructure assets.

Manage the influx of requests for wireless siting and all of the associated data.

Provide ongoing support for processing siting requests,  legal services and post-deployment audits. On-Demand.



Maximize the value and utility of limited public infrastructure assets while facilitating cooperation with Telecom and Technology partners.

On-Demand. As a Service.

Deliver simple, easily-accessible access to the most accurate, current data available to support informed decision-making by all parties involved.


On-Demand. As a Service.

Provide ongoing change control and data management services that support delivery of the more current information to both city and 3rd party decision-makers.

On-Demand. As a Service.